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A New Generation

Research and innovation are at the core of our mission, and our dedication to self-improvement has established the brand as a hygiene hub for anyone wanting to improve their self-care routine and learn about it as they go

Created by one guy in his apartment, the company was founded with the idea of bringing value to people's lives by improving an essential pillar in self-development. We believe by investing in your self-care routine and educating you along the way, we can create a community of people that share the same goals and values, bringing people together that have been walking through their self development journey alone.

From Hygiene by Harwinder to Mr. Hygiene 

Originally known as Hygiene by Harwinder, we initiated a rebranding of the company and decided to change our name to Mr. Hygiene in pursuit of a more enduring and resonant brand identity. Recognizing the importance of selecting a catchy and memorable name, this transformation extended beyond a simple name change. Our initial focus on catering exclusively to men has evolved into a broader commitment to serve all people, as hygiene is an essential pillar for all of us. Our mission is to facilitate self-improvement for all individuals from all walks of life. We aim to provide guidance and support to anyone on their personal growth journey, while also recognizing the importance of community. We invite you to join our family today by following along on our social media, especially if you are interested in taking your hygiene game to the next level. Become the exception.

What is Mr. Hygiene?

The Mission

At Mr. Hygiene, we are dedicated to providing high-quality hygiene products specifically designed for anyone wanting to improve their hygiene/grooming routine. Our mission is to make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin by offering effective, easy-to-use products that meet your unique needs. We are committed to using natural ingredients and sustainable practices to create products that not only make a positive impact on our customers' lives but also on the environment. Our goal is to be the go-to brand for your hygiene needs, along with promoting a healthier and happier lifestyle. Become the exception today 

Our Impact

We continue on wanting to make getting into taking care of yourself as easy and accessible as possible by slowly becoming the all-in-one hygiene hub for all of your hygiene needs. 

Sign up today via email or sms to join the Hygiene family today, and you will receive a 15% discount on your first purchase on the website, along with receiving updates on future launches and more!

Mr. Hygiene in Stores?

Mr. Hygiene is growing every day, and you might be able to get some products in a store near you! Currently, Mr. Hygiene is in Natty West in Onalaska, The Collective in Lacrosse, People's Co-Op in Downtown Lacrosse, and People's Co-Op in Rochester, Minnesota. This is just the beginning, and we are always looking to further expand into more stores over time. Stay tuned for future updates on the expansion of Mr. Hygiene!

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